Girls Research Portal

 Welcome to the Girls Research Portal!

Across the country, scholars and researchers are conducting groundbreaking research and publishing critically important studies on issues that affect girls’ lives – from girls and leadership, to girls’ success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), to the portrayals of girls in the media. Yet, much of that work remains unavailable to non-academics who work with girls – those who lead girl-serving organizations, journalists reporting on girls, policy-makers and advocates focusing on girls’ issues, business leaders, educators, parents and others

This portal is designed to help bridge that gap. How? It will provide a place for researchers to share their work and for non-researchers to find the information they need, organized by topic, in an accessible format. The site will also provide opportunities to suggest topics for additional research, connect with researchers and others working to improve the lives of girls, and receive quarterly updates on new studies and research opportunities.

As we saw during the April 2014 White House Research Conference on Girls, there is tremendous excitement about the launch of this new portal – but ultimately, its success will depend on you.

We need academics and researchers to share their work by uploading their research to the portal - just to go to this link and upload your work today.

We also need non-academics and non-researchers who care about girls’ issues to let us know how we can make this site work for you – go to this link to tell us about your research needs.

Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to launching the site!

Sincere thanks,

Girls Research Coalition