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N.Y. Case Shows Lenient Treatment of Rapists

Women's eNews featured a commentary this week by one of NCRW's Amex Fellows.  Tunisia Riley is one of thirty-five young women chosen to participate in the Council's Building the Next Generation of Women Leaders in the Non-Profit Sector, a program sponsored by the American Express Foundation.  In the article for Women's eNews, Riley discusses the recent conviction of Tony Simmons, a juvenile justice counselor at Family Court in New York.  Simmons was convicted in New York of molesting two girls, but was acquitted of raping a third girl. As Riley writes,

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Dear Media, Don't be Afraid of Women!

The Women's Media Center has produced this fantastic video, calling on the media to move over and let women tell their stories.  Take a moment to watch and pass it along. There are some great stats in there!


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Voices from the Field: Hollaback! (Video)

Hat tip to Ms. Foundation for funding this great organization!


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Roe v Wade: Celebrate 38 Years by Moving Beyond Abortion

 By Sunny Daly*

Roe v Wade: flagship, war cry, historical reference, generational divide, false security blanket, real security blanket, cause for a party.

This weekend marks the 38th anniversary of the landmark decision and it remains as fertile in political and personal meaning as ever.

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Rising Out of Grief, Tuscon is Looking Forward to the Future

By Sally Stevens*

Greetings from Tucson. There are no words to describe this past week -- tears, hope, guilt, love, and grief are but just a few. Our community is small enough that somehow everyone is personally connected to the tragic event of January 8, 2011. 

Wednesday's ceremony with President Obama at the University of Arizona helped us to begin moving forward. During the day, the campus was eerily quiet -- except as one neared the human line that formed to attend the ceremony. Police helicopters circled the University and sirens, police, homeland security, dogs, etc. were on the ground. I made my way over to the line (like thousands of others) for solidarity, signing the ribbon, and feeling the grief.

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Are We Rolling Back Child Care with Budget Cuts?

By Kate Meyer*

The National Women’s Law Center hosted a call last week on What’s Next for Early Childhood in the 112th Congress with speakers Helen Blank of the National Women’s Law Center, Danielle Ewen of CLASP, Adele Robinson of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and Harriet Dichter of the First Five Years Fund. All of the presenters emphasized the importance of continuing to fund early childhood programs, especially childcare, Head Start, and Early Head Start, and were hopeful about the pending creation of the Early Learning Challenge Fund.

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Secretary Solis Takes Three on The Economy

The Department of Labor featured an interesting segment in their newsletter this week: Secretary Solis answers three questions on a hot button issue. Here's what she had to say on the economy:

How does DOL collect the employment statistics released each month?
Our Bureau of Labor Statistics collects information from a survey of 410,000 worksites and a separate survey of 60,000 households, done with the Census Bureau. The employer survey gives us the month-to-month change in nonfarm employment, while the household survey is used to calculate the unemployment rate.

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No Women; No Entry – World Economic Forum Implements Gender Quota

In order to participate in this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, "strategic partners"--including such business tycoons as Barclays, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank--must bring at least one women in every group of five senior executives they tap to participate, reports The Guardian.  This annual meeting engages top leadership from across various sectors and is an important opportunity to network and strengthen relationships.  Women have been painfully underrepresented at this important meeting.  According to the article,

Women made up only 9-15% of those present [at Davos] between 2001 and 2005. Progress has been made last year 17% were women but Zahidi insists they can do much better.

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New Report! Leaves That Pay

This just in!  Eileen Applebaum from the Center for Economic and Policy Research and Ruth  Milkman have released findings from their latest report, Leaves that Pay: Employer and Worker Experiences with Paid Family Leave in California. In addition to new data and analysis on experiences with California's unique Paid Family Leave program, Applebaum and Milkman also offer a handy timeline of leave policymaking at the state and federal level as well as data on access to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). For instance, did you know that FMLA’s coverage is limited to only about half of all workers, and less than a fifth of all new mothers? 

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Human Trafficking Awareness Day

By Jelena Prosevski*

Today, January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Trafficking in persons is a serious human rights violation, which impacts us both globally and at the local level. 

The year 2010 marked the first time the United States was evaluated in the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons report. By doing so, alongside activists and service providers, the state contributed to bringing to the forefront the issue of domestic trafficking.

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