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By Eliza Wierzbinska, Intern

Are women perpetuating the stereotype that they are less capable than men through their own language and actions? Felena Hanson writes that when women use language like “female entrepreneur” instead of “entrepreneur, it immediately puts them in the “other” category. Using language in this way, Hanson challenges, signals that women should be categorized as different from their male colleagues. Instead she wants women to “come to the table, sit down and speak up.”  


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Why the Farm Bill Needs a Gender Lens

On July 11th, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a version of the farm bill that eliminates all nutritional aid to hungry Americans in need, which is provided mainly through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP. Not since 1973 has Congress separated subsidies to farmers from individuals in need of food security.  At a moment when Congress is seeking substantial changes to SNAP, it is important to ask: Who exactly is affected by changes?

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Trends in the Education Attainment of New Mothers

Pew Research Center released a report in May 2013 titled, Record Share of New Mothers are College Educated.  The report explored changing educational trends among new mothers.  “New mothers” include women between the ages of 15-44 who gave birth within the last year and those whose youngest child (living in their household) is less than one year old.

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Impact of Student Loan Debt Crisis on Women

On July 1st, the interest rates for government-subsidized Stafford student loans doubled from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. Congress received a lot of criticism for its inability to find common ground with critiques focused on the consequences for more than 7.4 million students expected to take out loans this fall.

Last June, this same debate played out until a last moment deal extended then-current rates for one more year. Lawmakers, much like college students, seem to be great procrastinators in getting to their work. Although one could argue in this case that the stakes are a bit higher than passing a statistics exam.

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Reigning Supreme: Pink, Blue and the Royal Baby

On July 17, 2013 England and Wales legalized same-sex marriage. This news has important political implications, especially as the international debate about LGBT rights heats up. On December 3, 2012, Dutchess Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy, and on July 22, 2013, she gave birth. While the baby will be an icon of British culture, he will have no direct political power.

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Being a good mom: Talking the talk

In the immediate aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s death, The Talk was a buzzphrase in many mouths.  The Talk – the cautions, warnings, do’s and don’ts many parents of African American boys give them as they stretch forward out of childhood into manhood.  The Talk is part of the being-a-good-mom checklist, if you’re the mother of an African American boy. It is being responsible, proactive, aware.

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This Father’s Day, If You Care to Send the Very Best, Don’t Reinforce Sexist Gender Role Stereotypes

Sexism is not a one-party issue. Expectations to fulfill gender role requirements do not only negatively affect women, but men as well. The cards we give to fathers and mothers on their respective holidays exemplify how we view their roles as a society—views that may act as a barrier to men and women’s familial and workplace fulfillment. For example, we tell fathers on Father’s Day that they are providers and protectors whose wisdom, toughness, and strength maintain their families. They are bearers of respect and integrity.

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Is LGBTQ Progress Leading to Violence or Are We Reporting More?

At a time when twelve states have legalized same-sex marriage, it appears that LGBTQ rights are moving in a positive direction, even politically.  Republican politicians are becoming more vocal in their support of same-sex unions, despite the costs to their careers.  Top WNBA pick Brittany Griner was joined in her out-and-proud status by NBA center Jason Collins.

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Are Women More Focused on Building Rather than Breaking?

Since 1960, when women only accounted for 39 percent of the undergraduate population, women’s relative numbers in college have steadily increased. According to Goldin et al. (2006), women are the majority of U.S. college students overall and they receive the bulk of bachelor’s degrees. This trend isn’t limited to the U.S. – in fact, it’s prevalent in most rich countries.

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NCRW’s Emerging Leaders Network Talks Work-Life Fit

By Lauren Crain*

When you hear the phrase “work-life balance,” the image that comes to mind for many is women juggling baby bottles and Blackberries. However, the speakers at the Emerging Leaders Network’s Making Life Work for You panel on April 30 challenged the audience to see how the concept of work-life balance applies to all professionals: men and women, entry level and senior leadership.

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