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Celebrate This Independence Day By Honoring American Woman Who Fought For Freedom

In honor of Independence Day, here are some women who have helped fight for and maintain freedom across identities. While this list is incomplete because of the magnitude of strong women who have advocated for various freedoms, let this be a jumping off point to remember and celebrate our country's brave female role models. Enjoy the holiday!

Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643)

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Wendy Davis, the Over-Night Liberal and Feminist Superstar, Has Pink Sneakers

Wendy Davis, the over-night liberal and feminist superstar, has pink sneakers.

Did you know this fact? Of course you did.

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Daddy, My Buddy, Versus Daddy, My Protector: Fathers in Film

Father’s Day is an opportune time to reflect on what fathers mean to us, not only individually, but as a society.  Looking at entertainment is a means to understand how popular culture constructs some of our ideas. The top three lists of films with the “best dads” (Total Film, Time Entertainment, and Sabotage Times) showcase fifty-seven movie fathers. These fathers are admired for their unwavering protection of their children, whether this is through fighting terrorists or teaching them about the woes of growing up.

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