Diversity in Leadership

Strategies Employed, Lessons Learned, and Challenges Ahead: Diversity & Inclusion

The full results and reflections from the Diversifying the Leadership of women’s centers project are available for PDF download.


While participants in this project on Diversifying the Leadership of women’s centers were focused on their own very different institutional realities, their work – like other Council work in the area of diversity, institutional change, and leadership – shares common threads and carries some common lessons:


The full analysis of the Diversity & Inclusion project's Strategies, Outcomes and Lessons Learned.

Leadership in Higher Education: A Path to Greater Racial and Gender Diversity final report

In 2003, with support from the Ford Foundation, the National Council for Research on Women undertook a project to explore the impact of leadership on diversity in institutions of higher education. The project was designed to identify best practices for enhancing diversity among students, staff, faculty, and within the curriculum; to identify leadership models provided by administrators and faculty that create and sustain greater diversity; and to analyze the institutional architecture necessary to support those practices. The analysis was to be based on the actual experiences of higher education leaders, their visions and strategies as identified in site visits to campuses and in the latest data and scholarship on diversity and leadership.


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