Domestic and Workplace Violence

The Myth of "Stranger Danger"

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A major function of awareness raising is debunking long-held myths, including so-called "stranger danger." In a recent blog post, the Ms. Foundation tackled the misnomer that the majority of violence is perpetrated by strangers. In reality, according to research released by the Child Abuse Research Education and Service Institute at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, 85% of child abuse is perpetrated by a relative or other individual the child knows. Click here to read the rest of the blog post and to learn about the Ms.

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Out of the Shadows: Immigrant Women and Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Too often, discussions about Comprehensive Immigration Reform fail to acknowledge the important economic contributions of the more than 18.9 million foreign-born women currently residing and working in the United States. 

Annual Conference 2010: Strategic Imperatives for Ending Violence Against Women

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06/11/2010 - 06/12/2010


The National Council for Research on Women in partnership with the US National Committee for UNIFEM present
Strategic Imperatives for Ending Violence against Women: Linkages to Education, Economic Security and Health
June 11-12, 2010
Hunter College, CUNY, West Building, New York City

Hosted By
The Women and Gender Studies Program and Roosevelt House,
Hunter College, CUNY (City University of New York)


Iraqi Refugees: Women’s Rights and Security Critical to Returns

The Iraqi refugee crisis is far from over and recent violence is creating further displacement. Iraqi women will resist returning home, even if conditions improve in Iraq, if there is no focus on securing their rights as women and assuring their personal security and their families’ well being.

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