Domestic and Workplace Violence

NCRW Fact Sheet: Ending Violence Against Women--An Imperative for a Healthy Nation

Ending violence against women should become a national imperative. Policies and laws need to be strengthened both at the national and state levels to protect women, girls, LGBT people, and other marginalized groups. Such measures are key to national security and building a thriving, healthy society.


NCRW Fact Sheet: Under the Radar--Immigrant Women and Violence

Violence against immigrant women is nearly impossible to estimate with any precision. Immigration status, cultural and language barriers, and economic hardship intersect and often prevent women who experience violence from coming forward. The two most common forms of abuse experienced by immigrant women are intimate partner violence and exploitative work conditions.

NCRW Fact Sheet: Women and Immigrant Rights

Unlike immigrant men, immigrant women are often caught in a double bind and suffer abuse and violence both crossing the borders and on the job. They also tend to receive inadequate and low wages, have higher family caretaking demands and reproductive health care needs.


NCRW Policy Brief: Violence

Ending violence against women needs to become a national priority. A safe society for women and girls is a prerequisite to enable them to lead productive and successful lives.


NCRW Fact Sheet: Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is the most comprehensive federal legislation ever enacted to protect women, children, and families from violence. Programs under the act are administered through the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women.

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