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Q&A with Alice Domurat Dreger on Social Justice, Scholarship, and Women in STEM

Under the Microscope, an online space hosted by The Feminist Press "where women and science connect," just posted a fascinating conversation with Alice Domurat Dreger, a bioethicist and author who I know from her work on intersex activism.  Here's a snippet for your reading pleasure:

UtM: Are there any particular issues in bioethics you want to tackle or anything in particular you are working on now? 

My work tends to be more directed at social justice (changing practices to make them more just to oppressed people) than at bioethics (an academic field of research and discourse). True to that, I'm working with colleagues right now on a project aimed at making sure one group of pregnant women who have been the subjects of research are having their rights protected. That has involved research on the medical literature, writing up our findings, contacting authorities (including government agencies) with our concerns, producing website informational material, and helping reporters who are interested to understand the story.

This constitutes a logical part of my fifteen-year work aimed at making sure people with unusual body types have their human rights respected. I just got an internal grant at my university, Northwestern University, to do more work on minority sexual orientations, including gay men and lesbians.

Click here to read the entire post where Dreger discusses what it's like to be a woman in a male-dominated world, and how her sex and gender (yes, they are different things) impact her work.



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