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Say NO to 'Let Her Die' Act!

By Linda Basch, PhD, President

Today, I'm urging everyone in our network to contact their Representatives to denounce HR 358 -- a catastrophic measure that puts women's lives in jeopardy. I'm writing from Claremont Graduate University where our Western Regional conference passed the following Resolution:

        The Western Regional Conference of the National Council for Research on Women  strongly denounces the House of Representatives' passage of HR 358, the so-called "Protect Life Act," which more accurately has been called the "Let Her Die" bill. This Act would allow hospitals to violate the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment Act that requires any hospital or medical professional to treat an emergency patient or at the very least to stabilize the patient's condition. Under HR 358, hospitals and medical professionals can refuse to treat a woman who needs an emergency abortion, even if her life is at risk. Under the provisions of this bill, medical staff also have no obligation to facilitate the patient's transfer to another medical facility for treatment. We absolutely condemn The House of Representatives' callous devaluation and disregard for human life. In this case, female life.


We encourage our members and affiliates to call or email their Congressional Representatives to condemn this barbaric measure that threatens the lives of all women who need access to professional and comprehensive health services, including safe abortions, throughout their lives.

To Contact your Representative, click here.
To Contact your Senator, click here.

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