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Having It All But Remaining True to Oneself

By Linda Basch, PhD*
This morning, I had the opportunity to hear Véronique Morali, President of the Global Women’s Forum at Deauville, lead an inspiring conversation on leadership with Credit Suisse’s Americas Women’s Network. She stressed the importance of having mentors and being unafraid to take risks in a career that has brought her to top positions in government, business, and the non-profit world.

First, as a young manager in France’s Minister of Finance, and then in senior positions with Fimalac, and now on corporate and non-profit boards, Ms. Morali has followed her instincts and made decisions and choices that felt right. The mother of two teenage daughters, 17 and 19, she recommended delegating when possible and becoming highly organized in order to balance family with career.

But being true to oneself is supremely important. In 2007, she was appointed President of Chanel, a brand she loved and respected but stayed only 6 months because the fit was not right.

Ms. Morali returned to Fimalac and is Vice Chairman of Fitch Group. She also serves on the Board of Coca Cola Enterprises, has formed her own company, and plays an active role in the Deauville annual Forum that has been called the “Davos” of women’s conferences. I hope our paths cross again soon, whether in New York, Deauville, or at some other international venue where women come together to strategize about leadership and transformation.

*Linda Basch, PhD, is President of the National Council for Research on Women

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