By Punditry Alone?

The Washington Post
Marie Wilson • February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin would have to have an "extreme makeover" in political knowledge and experience to restore confidence in her beyond the conservative base.
The only people who have been able to come from outside the political world (and she is now outside that world) and run have been business leaders who have led a large corporations or reached a high rank in the military. It won't do to be a Fox pundit or a Tea Party heroine to lead a country in an era as complex as we live in now. If punditry alone is enough to get you elected president, then our democracy is in more of a disarray than I care to believe.
If Sarah Palin really wants to be a leader in this country, she should use the identity that she touted so heavily during her Vice Presidential campaign, and that many people associate her with: mother. Ms. Palin could call for a new focus on the need for a comprehensive child care policy, something we haven't had in 40 years. If she were to focus on this issue, all the way through to passing and enacting legislation, she would be the contributing to this country in a way that is sorely needed. She would be helping all women to be the presidents of their own lives and to lead in the public world alongside men.

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