Tiffany Dufu

Ever since she accepted the Girl of the Year Award in eighth grade, Tiffany Dufu knew that she wanted to make a profound impact. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, the daughter of a homemaker and a minister, Dufu was an early feminist who challenged the perceptions of adults around her who often insisted, “little girls can’t lead.” She knew that she needed not only to affect change, but also wanted to be public about it—so that other girls could be leaders, too.

Now as President of the White House Project, Ms. Dufu is creating new programs to expand the organization with a focus to appeal to a broader audience while empowering women, not just in the political realm, but in society as a whole. She continues to be an active and visible member of the women’s leadership community, and was honored by Mattel in 2011 by being named one of their 10 Women to Watch. Under her leadership the future of the White House Project looks nothing short of success.