Women in Corporate Leadership: 2011 Census

 The Nashville CABLE and Lipscomb University College of Business 2011 Annual Census of Tennessee "Women in Corporate Leadership," released today, shows little progress toward gender diversity since the previous year-as well as since 2007, when Lipscomb University's College of Business first conducted the research. One salient finding is that while women represented 47% of the Tennessee work force in fiscal year 2010, they held only 8% of 566 public company board seats. A snapshot of the Tennessee study results over time is available as a downloadable graphic to the right.

The 2011 Tennessee census and the 2011 InterOrganization Network (ION) national benchmarking study demonstrate that Tennessee companies continue to miss opportunities to reap the benefits of gender diversity in leadership. Both the CABLE/Lipscomb study and the ION report, entitled "Gender Imbalance in the Boardroom: Opportunities to Change Course," reveal that of the 17 new independent board directors appointed in Tennessee during fiscal year 2010, only three were women.
Supplemented with findings by organizations such as Catalyst and McKinsey & Co., which demonstrate that companies with gender diverse boards and management teams are more profitable over time than their peers, the new CABLE/Lipscomb data suggests that Tennessee companies are neglecting a considerable economic resource by not pursuing executive level, board-qualified women.
(From the press release)