Women & Time: What Makes Her Tick - Executive Summary 2012

The results of a new groundbreaking national survey,Women and Time: Setting a New Agenda, commissioned by Real Simple and designed by the nonprofit Families and Work Institute reveal that much of the time pressure experienced by women is self-imposed, due to trouble delegating and letting go of control. However, the survey also discovered that women who set aside regular free time are ultimately more satisfied with their lives(50% report being very satisfied, versus 41% of those who regularly postpone their free time).
"There is a startling connection between scheduling free time and happiness—and an equally startling connection between the ability to delegate and happiness," said Kristin van Ogtrop, Managing Editor, Real Simple. "We hope these findings will spark a national dialogue to help women everywhere reclaim their free time and use it in a way that will ultimately make their lives better."
While 49% of women say they do not have enough free time, the culprit is not their jobs. In fact, 68% of women say that work does not interfere with their personal lives. And with recent research showing that men are helping more with household chores and childcare than ever before, why are women so stressed out?
For many women, there is a palpable feeling of guilt: 32% of married/partnered women often feel that if they did less around the house, they would not be properly taking care of it.

(From the press release)