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Women currently make up 15 percent of corporate management, 16 percent of law partners, and less than 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. NCRW and its partners are working to improve these numbers as they work toward a critical mass, often viewed as 30 percent representation, across sectors to benefit the economy and society through women’s talents and perspectives. Without sufficient numbers, women’s ideas, views and analyses risk being marginalized or perceived as representing a narrow minority. With greater access to opportunities and positions of influence, the likelihood of acceptance and professional success for women and people of color increases.

Critical Issue: Building the Next Generation of Women Leaders in the Nonprofit Sector

Re:Gender announces an innovative professional development program for young women. Funded by the American Express Foundation, the year-long program will benefit young women who are engaged in the nonprofit and social justice sectors by providing training and sustained support to build the next generation of women leaders.

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