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Women in the United States frequently lack basic services that are taken for granted in many other parts of the world. To be able to live in economic security, they require educational opportunities; paid sick leave; affordable, quality child care and elder care; as well as portable health care and adequate retirement benefits to protect them throughout their lives. While programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Food Stamps are available, they do not go far enough. More robust safety nets are needed to lift and keep women and their families out of poverty.

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By Kate Kahan*Women’s economic security is critically important to the economic growth of our country. Women play a vital role in America...
By Kyla Bender-BairdWhat a day! We have just come back from breakout group discussions where we all put our heads together to discuss the most...
By Kyla Bender-BairdThe day is finally here! Today is the Economic Security Summit, Reinvesting in Women and Families: Developing an Economy for the...


  • February 3, 2012

     According to Bill Losey, a certified retirement coach and author of Retire in a Weekend, there are a handful of factors pushing women to the edge about retirement planning.

  • February 1, 2012

    Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a leader in fundraising for breast cancer research and famous worldwide for its iconic pink ribbon, said Tuesday that it was halting all partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates because of recently adopted criteria...

  • January 30, 2012

     From Maine to Phoenix to southern Louisiana, Catholic churches across the USA this weekend echoed with scorn for a new federal rule requiring faith-based employers to include birth control and other reproductive services in their health care...

  • January 25, 2012

     In recent years, Latino and African American consumers with good credit scores of 660* and higher have too often ended up with high interest rate mortgages, mortgages which are supposed to go to risky borrowers. 

  • January 23, 2012

     Gingrich has always implied that programs for people in need are really just for lazy African-Americans. He’s done it again, all over the campaign trail, most spectacularly this week in South Carolina with his straw man du jour, the...