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Reproductive rights are the cornerstone of women’s health and independence. These include the right to voluntary marriage; the right to determine the timing, number and spacing of children; and freedom from sexual violence and coercion. Women in the U.S. and around the world encounter numerous obstacles to making fully informed reproductive choices, including lack of information and access to comprehensive services, prohibitive costs, cultural and societal taboos and customs, and poorly trained or ideologically compromised healthcare providers. Many of our member centers are conducting research, disseminating information and raising awareness about women’s health and health policy issues.

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By Linda Basch, PhD, PresidentToday, I'm urging everyone in our network to contact their Representatives to denounce HR 358 -- a catastrophic measure...
By Talia WeisbergI had the amazing opportunity to participate in a NOW webinar moderated by Terry O’Neill, President of NOW, “The Budget...
By Kate Meyer*"If you hide what you do, you must believe you can only do what you do through deception” said Christine Quinn, speaker of...
 By Sunny Daly*Roe v Wade: flagship, war cry, historical reference, generational divide, false security blanket, real security blanket, cause...
By Nancy Northup*This month signifies the importance of taking a stand for reproductive rights. Sixty-two years ago this December, the U.N. adopted...


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