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The Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. (AJLI) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.


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Principal Staff

Susan Danish, Executive Director
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Anne Dalton, Chief Officer for Strategic Initiatives
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Maureen Mackey, Chief Operating Director

Laurie Dodge, Director of Marketing and Development
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Dolores (Dee) Brinkley, Director of Meeting Management
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Janine le Sueur, Director of Education and Programs

Pamela Antoine Weekes, Director of Administrative Services

JuWon Choi, Ed.D, Director of Learning

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The Junior League's Road Map for the Future
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 2:49pm

 The Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) has embarked on a major strategic planning initiative whose goal is nothing short of transforming the Junior League to thrive for decades to come. At a time when many organizations are retrenching, AJLI leaders are taking bold steps to ensure the future of an organization that has contributed to the development of women as civic leaders and to meaningful community improvement since the first Junior League was founded in 1901.
The road to transformation actually began several years ago with an internal analysis of membership data and quantitative research among current, resigned and prospective members. The information told a story of declining membership in many of the 292 Junior Leagues, albeit a slow decline, and growing issues among members about the quality of the membership experience. There was a need to act boldly to ensure that an organization that has contributed so much for over 100 years was prepared to contribute in a radically different world for another 100 years.

We have retained the consulting firm and think tank, the Monitor Institute, to guide us through a strategic planning process. The Monitor Institute is the nonprofit consulting arm of the Monitor Group, and works with a range of nonprofit organizations and foundations. The Monitor Institute consultants are working with a steering committee of AJLI Board members, current and past League and Association leaders, AJLI Staff members and outside experts. The process has also been designed to engage as many of the 292 Leagues and their 160,000 members as possible. Through use of current technology including webinars, online video, online groups, Flip cameras and more, AJLI is reaching out to its membership to create a true conversation. Junior League member engagement in the development and refinement of a strategic roadmap with continue through 2009 and into 2010. ‘I am proud of what Junior League members have accomplished and are accomplishing today. We are an organization that truly makes a difference. But we exist today in a world where women’s lives are very different and where opportunities to volunteer abound,” says AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish. “We would be doing a disservice to our 108-year history if we did not address the future… who we can be and what we can mean to women and their communities in the next decades.”


View the Road Map's Task Force List Here.



Opportunities, Grants & Fellowships

Summer Internship: Graphic Design

This is a design position, and you will be part of our tightly knit team. You’ll be working closely with our Creative Director and will report directly to the Director of Marketing and Development. You will get hands-on experience creating a variety of design elements. You will also gain an understanding of how the marketing team of a large nonprofit not only supports the efforts of its member Leagues, but also communicates the organization’s mission to the public at large. If you are interested in becoming part of a team that is on the front lines of social reform, then consider an internship at the Association of Junior Leagues International.

Join a Junior League

Junior League women make things happen -- they form strategic partnerships, create innovative programs and raise funds for exciting community initiatives. So what sets Junior League volunteers apart from the rest? They are not only women who want to improve communities, they are women with the training and skills to make it happen!

Since Mary Harriman convened the very first Junior League in 1901, The Junior League's emphasis has always been on learning. Members benefit from extensive training in leadership and organizational development, community needs assessment, strategic planning, communications, advocacy and fundraising. Through this unique training, League members learn to manage and train volunteers, unite communities and form partnerships. AJLI organizes regular conferences and meetings to create opportunities for networking, collaboration and shared learning among Leagues.
The Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. welcomes inquiries from organizations seeking to partner with our member Leagues. Junior League women are highly motivated, educated, influential women who transform their communities through advocacy, direct service, public education, fundraising and sheer hard work. As such, they are a highly desirable group for corporate sponsors and nonprofit organizations seeking marketing and partnership opportunities.

Mary Harriman Award

In recognition of the vision of the founder of The Junior League, the AJLI Board of Directors established the Mary Harriman Community Leadership Award. This award honors and acknowledges an individual Junior League member whose volunteer efforts provide a contemporary link to Mary Harriman's sense of social responsibility and her ability to motivate others to share their talents through effective volunteer service. Since 1990 when the award was established, it has been given to Junior League members whose leadership exemplifies our mission, vision and values.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is designed to recognize new Active members whose early years as a Junior League member demonstrate significant promise consistent with the Vision and Values of The Junior League's Mission. For over 106 years Junior Leagues have trained and developed women to lead positive change in their communities. Our founder Mary Harriman showed exceptional foresight and wisdom in challenging her peers to join with her to improve communities. It is our hope that the Rising Star recipients will both embody those early values and redefine what it means to be a civic leader of the future, trained by The Junior League.

Leadership Development Award

Developing the potential of League members to be effective community volunteer leaders is at the core of The Junior League Mission. The Junior League Leadership Development Award recognize exemplary League member training and development programs. Whether it is a program to train members to work effectively with children, a program to build the skills of committee chairs, or a program to cultivate members to be successful nonprofit board members, The Junior League Leadership Development Awards celebrate the Junior Leagues’ role as first-class training organizations for their members.