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Since its inception in 1998, the Center for Women and Work has demonstrated its strong commitment to addressing the gendered conditions of work in several key ways: by designing and implementing programs and projects that foster new ways of thinking about the gendered conditions of work; by encouraging and supporting interdisciplinary linkages across and throughout all of our networks; and by bringing to the forefront the reciprocal relationship between a woman's work and the well-being of communities.  

Moreover, the CWW has a synergy with elements of the unique mission of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, including promoting sustainable regional economic and social development and fostering persity. CWW is acutely attuned to the negative impact of gendered work conditions, and we believe that fully productive and sustainable societies are not possible as long as workplace and economic barriers for women remain. CWW not only focuses on how economic opportunities vary by gender but also seeks to understand how work issues are related to race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, age, and disability status. The Center is, therefore, dedicated to fostering creative links that benefit inpiduals in their personal and societal networks, advancing social innovations that benefit communities, and encouraging and supporting intellectual risk-taking to produce sustainable strategies that work toward greater equity and that make all people's lives healthier and more rewarding. 


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Carework: People, Policies, and Politics

In 2012, a number of CWW Associates are working on an edited volume that will specifically address the unique vulnerabilities and opportunities for paid care workers. Mignon Duffy is one of the co-editors as well as a contributing author, and CWW Associates Meg Bond, Robin Toof, Michelle Haynes, and Laura Punnett will all be involved in writing chapters. We have received an advance contract from Rutgers University Press for Caring on the Clock: The Complexities and Contradictions of Paid Care Work. We are also hosting a mini-conference at the meetings of the Eastern Sociological Society in Boston in March 2012 which will focus on paid care work and feature many of the volume contributors.
Project Working WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) is an endeavor of the Center for Women and Work at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Started in January 2006 with a grant from the National Science Foundation, this project successfully planned and organized an intergenerational and interdisciplinary conference in April of 2007 on workplace factors associated with women's success in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Since the conference, Project Working WISE has concentrated on outreach and dissemination of results.


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The Center for Women and Work produces and distributes two issues yearly of a newsletter, Perspectives. This publication includes articles about all aspects of the center’s activities. The newsletter is mailed to about 1,000 individuals from all over the country.

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