Ann Ida Gannon Center for Women and Leadership

The Gannon Center for Women and Leadership within Loyola University Chicago is dedicated to the development of women as scholars and leaders. The center aims to provide outstanding role models and mentors and to offer resources and research data that enable women to expand upon their workplace, community, and academic contributions. The four areas of activity of the center are: Women and Leadership Archives, Women Studies Program, Institute for Women and Leadership, and a Heritage Room representing Mundelein College.


1032 W. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60660
Ph. 773-508-8430
Fx. 773-508-8492


Principal Staff

Dawn A. Harris, Ph.D., Director


Featured Events


Projects & Campaigns

Baum Speaker Series

In 2006, the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership became the fortunate recipient of a bequest from the estate of the late Ann and Alvin Baum Family for a speaker series. The series invites women of national and international renown to frame an informed discussion with members of our Loyola community, our neighborhood and city on issues at the intersection of women and leadership, public policy and social justice.



Opportunities, Grants & Fellowships

Gannon Scholars

The Gannon Scholars Leadership Program is a four-year progressive program that engages students in the development of leadership, service and scholarship. We provide opportunities for leaders to investigate and analyze areas of concern in our suffering world in order to creatively design and apply workable solutions to build a more just social world order. Working collaboratively within the University and with global and local partners, we promote an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to shape women leaders for the 21st Century.

Faculty Fellows Program

To encourage research on women and their contributions to society, and to promote active learning and scholarship, the Gannon Center for Women and Leadership is pleased to sponsor the Faculty Fellowship Program in Women's Studies Scholarship. Funded by the Gannon Center's Endowment, up to two fellows will be appointed for the Spring semester each year and released from a semester of teaching. (The fellowship does not include release from the faculty member's other departmental or college duties. Faculty applying for the program should negotiate these duties with his/her chair and/or Dean.) Special consideration will be given to the study of women and leadership.

Johnson Scholarship

The Carroll and Adelaide Johnson Scholarship Fund offers rising juniors of Loyola University Chicago opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary research related to a social justice issue that is focused on women and leadership. The Johnsons established the fund through Loyola University's Gannon Center for Women and Leadership for students with demonstrated financial need.

Visiting Scholars Program

The Visiting Scholar Program brings researchers from around the world to Loyola for a month to a year to study issues of concern to women. The primary purpose of the program is to provide research support for a scholar conducting research on women's issues. The Visiting Scholar is awarded an office within the lakeside center, a computer and Internet access, library privileges and the friendly support of a community of feminists. The Gannon Center is located on the second floor of Piper Hall. Its location on the northeast side of Chicago offers easy access to public transportation for research work in notable libraries and archives in the area as well as exceptional cultural opportunities. The center has a developing Women and Leadership Archives that may be helpful to some scholars.

WISER (Women in Science Enabling Research)

The WISER program was designed in 1993 to provide undergraduate women at Loyola University Chicago with an introduction to laboratory research, and to create a community of scientists through which undergraduate women could be mentored and encouraged toward careers in the sciences. Students are welcome to participate in and attend lectures, panel discussions, and workshops organized by WISER. Undergraduate students are also invited to apply to the Laura L. Mayer Summer Internship Program as a means of gaining laboratory experience.