Center for Gender Studies

The influence of teaching and learning about gender issues touches virtually every aspect of human life. The Center for Gender Studies is committed to providing women and men with knowledge and experience that facilitate intelligent and informed choice and communication regarding gender issues. Knowledge and experience empower individuals to function as competent decision makers in their own lives; sensitivity and awareness enable individuals to arrive at wise decisions and communicate them effectively. The Center seeks to serve as a responsible broker of gender-relevant knowledge and experience for students and other members of the academic community, which necessarily implies service to broader local, national, and international constituencies. The mission is global; the focus is on service to the multi-cultured society in which we live.


Radford, VA 24142
Ph. 540-831-6644
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Principal Staff

Hilary Lips, Ph.D., Director & Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology
Ph. 540-831-5361

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Opportunities, Grants & Fellowships

Eleanor Kemp Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research

Every year, this award is given out to one or two undergraduate students whose research is relevant to gender or women. Funds for this award come form a small endowment.