Shirley Chisholm Center for Research on Women

The Shirley Chisholm Center for Research on Women embrace a twofold mission. First, it promotes research on women by initiating projects and programs on campus that supports the work of faculty, encourages student learning, and provides information and resources to the wider Brooklyn community. Second, it upholds and preserves the legacy of Shirley Chisholm, a distinguished alumna of Brooklyn College. With the help of an external bequest to the Women's Studies Program, the center will be founded as an affiliate to the academic program.
Women and gender (the social and historical meanings of the distinction between men and women) are fundamental categories of social, cultural and scientific inquiry integral to the study of the diversity of human experience. Consequently, the overarching goal of the center is to conduct research to develop original scholarship on gender and new questions promoting the growth of feminist inquiry and practice. Our aim is to investigate women in society and culture in historical and contemporary contexts at the intersection of class, race, ethnicity and nationality and to establish connections between local issues and the global context.
The center is envisioned as a vehicle to advance the professional development of Brooklyn College faculty in the areas of teaching, research, and community service through help with both shared research and grant writing. The center serves as a forum to initiate collaborative work and external grant applications among faculty with common research interests.
The Shirley Chisholm Center for Research on Women became a CUNY university center in 2007, and Patricia Antoniello was elected the center's first director. Antoniello is an associate professor and teaches in the departments of Anthropology and Archaeology, and Health and Nutrition Sciences.

Principal Staff

Namita N. Manohar, Coordinator
Ph. (718) 951-5476 / (718) 951-5000, ext. 1439

Irva Adams, Office Staff
Ph. (7180 951-5476 / (718) 951-5000, ext. 1442

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Projects & Campaigns

The White House Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that aims to advance women's leadership in all communities and sectors — up to the U.S. presidency — by filling the leadership pipeline with a richly diverse, critical mass of women.
Vote, Run, Lead is a dynamic program of The White House Project designed to engage women in the political process as voters, activists and candidates through trainings, inspiration and networking.
The Shirley Chisholm Project of Brooklyn Women's Activism is a repository of women's grassroots social activism in Brooklyn since 1945 and ongoing in the present.
In the spirit of Chisholm's legacy as a path-breaking community and political activist, the archive will also follow the many paths she pioneered by including materials representing the wide range of women's grassroots activism throughout the borough.


Opportunities, Grants & Fellowships

Women's Studies Student Scholarship

The Women's Studies Program offers an Annual Women's Studies Student Scholarship to two outstanding women's studies majors.
The scholarship is an annual tuition award of $5,000 ($2,500 for the fall and $2,500 for the spring semester), paid out over the student's senior year at Brooklyn College.