Institute for Research & Education on Women and Gender

A university-wide research center funded by the Provost, the Gender Institute supports and promotes research and teaching related to women, gender, and sexuality. We offer fellowships, grants, and cosponsorships to faculty and students to encourage and support their research on women and on the intricate connections between gender and other social constructions, such as sexuality, race, class, health, age, nationality, religion, and nature. We also sponsor and cosponsor programs, including lectures, workshops, conferences, symposia, film screenings, and art exhibitions, to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and artistic achievement.


520 Lee Entrance
Buffalo, NY 14228-2567
Ph. (716) 645-5200
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Principal Staff

Kari J. Winter, Director of the Gender Institute
Ph. (716) 645-0827

Glenna Bett, Deputy Director for the Sex and Gender Health Initiative
Ph. (716) 829-2603

Becky Burke, Gender Institute Staff Assistant
Ph. (716) 645-5200

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Projects & Campaigns

Sex, Gender, Health: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Sex and Gender Medicine is distinct from women’s health (ovaries, uterus, etc) and men’s health (prostate, erectile dysfunction, etc). Understanding the intersections between sex, gender and wellbeing will improve health outcomes for all. Men (and male animals) have been the basis of much biomedical research, but males are not normative for the whole species, and females are not a deviation from the norm. Both sex and gender differences have been found in:

The Feminist Research Alliance Workshop seeks to advance and energize transnational feminist research in the 21st century by promoting interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration among feminist scholars locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

Our bi-weekly luncheon meetings offer opportunities for faculty and graduate students to discuss their research, explore key texts of classic and emerging feminisms, and develop research and teaching collaborations. The workshop also provides chances for graduate students and junior faculty to meet potential committee members or mentors beyond the boundaries of their home departments. 


Opportunities, Grants & Fellowships

Faculty Research Grants
Awards of up to $5,000 to support faculty research or curriculum development.  The grant can be used for archival research, data collection, fieldwork, research assistance, and other forms of research support and curriculum development that are allowable under UB guidelines. 
Ph.D. Dissertation Fellowships

The Gender Institute invites applications for two dissertation fellowships ($6,000 each).
Isabel S. Marcus International Research Fellowship

The Gender Institute is delighted to announce our new Isabel S. Marcus International Research Fellowship, established to recognize the distinguished contributions to research and education on women and gender of Professor Isabel S. Marcus, co-founder and co-director of the Gender Institute (1997-2003) and recipient of UB's 2012 Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Education.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The Gender Institute invites UB undergraduate students who are interested in conducting research related to women and gender to apply for a $1000 merit scholarship.
Good Will Cosponsorships

Upon request, the Gender Institute provides goodwill cosponsorships in the form of publicity to all reputable events related to research and education on women and gender in Western New York.
Guidelines for Financial Cosponsorships

The Gender Institute invites applications from UB faculty for grants ranging from $500 to $5,000 to cosponsor events related to research and education on women and gender.  Due to the amount of staff time it takes to review and process such grants, we will not consider requests for less than $500.