Center for the Study of Women

The UCLA Center for the Study of Women is an internationally recognized center for research on gender, sexuality, and women's issues and the first organized research unit of its kind in the University of California system. Though CSW is funded by the Division of Social Sciences, it serves the entire university. CSW is part of the Division’s commitment to gender equity and research parity at UCLA. Its mission is to develop and foster research, to facilitate productive scholarly relationships, and to aid recruitment and retention efforts. Established in 1984, it draws on the expertise of more than two hundred members from thirty-four departments and ten UCLA professional schools. CSW administers research grants for faculty and students; organizes research projects, conferences, seminars, and public lectures; and publishes a monthly web newsletter that features research, conference reports, faculty profiles, and announcements.


Los Angeles, CA 90095-7222
Ph. (310) 825-0590
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Principal Staff

Kathleen McHugh, Ph.D., Director (On leave)
Ph. (310) 206-7735

Rachel Lee, Interim Director

Julie Childers, Assistant Director

Allison Wyper, Administrative Specialist
Ph. (310) 206 1871

Brenda Johnson-Grau, Managing Editor, Publications
Ph. (310) 206-5487

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Current Projects

Principal Investigators: Professor Kathleen McHugh, UCLA University Librarian Gary Strong
Principal Investigators: Professor Kathleen McHugh, Dr. Julie K. Childers
Principal Investigator: Dr. Pat Zukow-Goldring
Principal Investigator: Professor Rachel Lee


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JMEWS (Journal of Middle East Women's Studies) is the official publication of the Association for Middle East Women's Studies, a multidisciplinary, international organization affiliated with the Middle East Studies Association. Its purpose is to advance the fields of Middle East women's studies, gender studies and Middle East studies through contributions across disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

Thinking Gender Papers:

Ah-Sue, Geraldine: ReOrienting Asian/American Subjectivities: On the Cultural (Re)Writings of All- American Girl, 2009.



Opportunities, Grants & Fellowships

Support for Undergraduate Students

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, CSW encourages the development of scholarly and professional skills among UCLA undergraduate students interested in research related to women, gender and sexuality.  Through our awards, newsletter, meeting space, and employment, CSW fosters the success of many undergraduates.  While student support has always been a part of CSW’s mission, this structure has been extended and formalized through the organization of new opportunities for undergraduate students.

Support for Graduate Students

n its twenty-six years as an organized research unit at UCLA, CSW has advanced academic excellence in the study of gender, sexuality, and women’s issues by developing and fostering both faculty and student research and by facilitating productive scholarly relationships across the campus and around the world. Through funding, programming, and employment opportunities, CSW has long supported and advanced the research and professional careers of graduate students at UCLA. In recent years, CSW has dramatically extended and formalized this support through targeted fundraising, innovations in programming structures, and the creation of new scholarly and professional training opportunities. The Graduate Student Initiative is our renewed and extended public commitment to promoting the professional success and academic excellence of graduate students at UCLA. If you have any questions about this initiative, please email CSW at

Research Scholars Program

CSW created the Research Scholar program in Spring of 1989 and instituted this affiliation during the 1990-1991 academic year.  The Research Scholar category was created to provide a Center affiliation and title for established scholars not funded on extramural projects. The program supports local independent scholars who are conducting research on women, sexuality, or gender who have limited institutional access to research support. Research Scholars must have an active research project in progress and neither a tenure-track position nor a permanent, full-time academic affiliation with a college or university. CSW encourages affiliation from a diverse group of scholars from across the academic disciplines.


The UCLA Center for the Study of Women (CSW) partners regularly with other UCLA entities to foster innovative scholarship and intellectual community.  CSW cosponsors events on a selective basis.  The campus-based event must be hosted or initiated by another UCLA unit and have a clear relevance to CSW’s mission of reaching across disciplines to foster a community of scholars studying women, sexuality, and gender.