Center for Research on Gender & Women

The Center for Research on Gender and Women organizes campus events, including lectures, workshops and conferences featuring campus, national, and international speakers. It runs a colloquium series and hosts a speaker series on Women’s International Policy & Gender Activism.

The Center has sponsored research circles and projects on transnational feminism and women’s movements, gender and citizenship, gender equality training, women and human rights, internationalizing the curriculum, and many other topics. The Center sponsored a year-long speaker series on Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton’s “Wisconsin Women=Prosperity,” an initiative designed to address the status of women in Wisconsin. Janet Hyde, Helen Thompson Woolley Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies, and Joy K. Rice, PhD Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, led the “Wisconsin Women=Prosperity” Task Force on Women and Depression in Wisconsin.

The Center facilitates networking of gender and women's studies scholars across campus through our database of women's studies scholars at University of Wisconsin-Madison and a weekly email bulletin, which announces events, news, grant and award competitions, jobs, and much more. We have also engaged in sustained exchanges with women’s studies scholars in Uganda, Peru, Argentina, Thailand, Germany, United Kingdom and many other parts of the world. We have fostered collaborative research projects and a wide variety of research connections between our faculty and scholars abroad.

We sponsor an Honorary Fellows Program of visiting scholars and host scholars from around the US and the world. We also administer competitions like theHyde Dissertation Award and the Mary Washburn Willets Award for social science graduate students; the Ruth Bleier Scholarship in the Natural Sciencesfor undergraduates; and the Feminist Scholars Fellowship to provide tenured UW faculty working in women and gender studies a full-time research appointment for one semester. We also provide grant information, grant-writing support and administer grants.


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Principal Staff

Aili Mari Tripp, Director
Ph. (608) 263-1873


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Projects & Campaigns

Transnational Feminism Research Circle

The Transnational Feminism Research Circle is a project of the International Institute of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It partners with scholars and groups across campus interested in the study of transnational women's movements. It collaborates with Femsem (Training Seminar in Sociology of Gender) in the Department of Sociology; the Geographies of Feminism and Difference Series in the Department of Geography, the Transnational Gender History Series in the Department of History.

TARGET Research Circle

This new research circle focuses on how organizations and governments "mainstream" gender equity concerns into international policy, particularly on the transformation of feminist knowledge into “gender expertise” in various policy arenas. This project is designed to (1) deepen feminist policy-making expertise in Madison, (2) build connections between Madison gender scholars and those considered “gender experts” in policy institutions, and (3) advance UW as a globally recognized center for feminist policy knowledge.


Reports & Resources

African Women’s Movements: Transforming Political Landscapes. Aili Tripp, Isabel Casimiro, Joy Kwesiga, and Alice Mungwa (co-authors). New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009.

“Conflicting Agendas: Women’s Rights and Customary Law in Africa Today,” Constituting Equality, Ed. Susan Williams. Cambridge University Press, 2009.
“The Global Impact of Quotas: On the Fast Track to Increased Female Legislative Representation,” With Alice Kang. Comparative Political Studies, 41 (3): 338-361, 2008.
Global Feminism: Transnational Women's Activism, Organizing, and Human Rights. Edited with Myra Marx Ferree. New York: New York University Press. 2006.

Janet Shibley Hyde and Joy K. Rice, Co-Chairs of Task Force. 2006. Liutenant Governor's Task Force on Women and Depression in Wisconsin.

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