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Conduct scholarly research and sound action programs with women's perspectives and experiences at the center. Ensure that this work reaches a wide audience and thus influences public policies and programs. At the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW), we believe that only by thoroughly investigating the what, why, and how of a problem can we begin to create lasting solutions. WCW works to shape a better world through innovative research and theory building, as well as action, training, and programs.

Since 1974, WCW has conducted interdisciplinary studies on issues such as: gender equity in education, sexual harassment in schools, child care, adolescent development, gender violence, and women's leadership-studies that have influenced private practices and public policy. WCW staff members provide professional development for educators, child caregivers, and youth workers that encourage children's social-emotional development and enhance learning environments and safety. Other WCW scholars have dedicated themselves to the prevention of psychological problems, the enhancement of psychological well-being, and the search for a more comprehensive understanding of human development through theory development and research. WCW's international collaborations strive to improve the lives of women and girls across the globe and the Postdoctoral Behavioral Research Training on Variations in Child and Adolescent Development offers opportunities to help develop the skills of research fellows at the Centers.

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