New York University

Founded in 2000, as a part of the Roundtable of Institutions of People of Color, the Women of Color Policy Network, an Affiliate of the Research Center for Leadership in Action at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, NYU is the country's only research and policy group focusing on women of color housed at a nationally ranked top 10 public policy program. The Network conducts original research and collects critical data on women of color that is used to inform public policy outcomes at the local, state, and national levels. The Network also serves as a hub for women of color scholars, leaders, and practitioners.

Featured Events

Projects & Campaigns

  • Beyond The Window Summer Youth Public Policy Institute
  • Strategic Conversations in Public Service


Reports & Resources

  • In the Shadow of the UN: The Global North and South in NYC
  • Making Ends Meet: Women and Poverty in New York City
  • Race, Gender, and the Recession
  • Women Of Color In New York City:Still Invisible In Policy
  • Women of Color in New York City: The Challenges of the New Global Economy
  • Women of Color in New York City and the Millennium Development Goals: The Case for Localization
  • Understanding Client and Occupation Barriers in New York City
  • Race Realities in New York City
  • We Speak: New York City Women Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Third Annual Status of Women of Color Report: Young Women of Color in New York City
  • Gender, Race, Class and Welfare Reform