Big 5 Campaign

The National Council for Research on Women, with our network of 115 research, policy and advocacy centers and more than 2,000 experts, invites you to help spread awareness of what’s at stake for women, girls and the nation during these critical times. Our Big Five campaign is focusing on the real issues: economic security, health, immigration, violence, and education. We’re presenting in-depth analysis and proposing real-life solutions to ensure that the media, policy-makers and you have the information needed to engage in a fully informed and balanced debate and to develop effective policies and programs. Join us in spreading accurate information and countering myths and distortions about the lives and challenges faced by women today. We urge you to get involved, to disseminate knowledge and to work for transformative change. Together, we can make a difference, not only for women and girls, but for society as a whole, both nationally and globally.

Click on one of the Big 5 Topics below for fact sheets, policy briefs, more background and resources:


The Big 5 Campaign Issues

The Big 5 Sponsors

  • Ms. Foundation for Women
  • CAWP – Women’s Vote Watch
  • Women of Color Policy Network, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service – New York University, An affiliate of the Research Center for Leadership in Action
  • The White House Project
  • National Women’s Studies Association
  • The Women’s Media Center