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  • December 30, 2011

     The recent years have seen a significant rise in the number of employed people in the Arab sector, mainly among women, according to a study commissioned by the National Insurance Institute of Israel.

  • December 26, 2011

    Barbara and Shannon Kelley critique a Swedish study, from the Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation (IFAU) and the Uppsala Center for Labor Studies (UCLS) at Uppsala University, that suggests that women managers are no more likely to...

  • December 23, 2011

    In an effort to better understand the needs of its driver-members, the Women In Trucking (WIT) Association recently used a research class to conduct a member survey. Dr. Jeanette Kersten’s University of Wisconsin-Stout graduate students assist...

  • December 23, 2011

    Women retail workers earn an average of $9.77 an hour, compared to the $10.64 an hour earned by men, according to a new survey of 435 retail workers in the New York City area conducted by the Retail Action Project and the Murphy Institute. One dollar...

  • December 22, 2011

     In a survey of 61 cohabiting couples aged 18 to 36 in Columbus, Ohio, researchers from Cornell and the University of Central Oklahoma found that women, particularly lower-income women, were concerned about being trapped in marriage and having no...

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