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Stories from Bella’s Life and Career

Below are references to selected episodes in Bella Abzug’s life to spur analysis and discussion of specific issues. You may also go to Don Hazen’s November 2, 2008 article in Alternet for extended excerpts from the book.


1) The Making of an Activist Bella’s Early Family life. 1920-34, pp. 3-15

2) Judaism and Values Lessons from Religion. pp. 6-10

3) Defending Civil Rights in the Jim Crow South: The Willie McGee Case. 1950-51, pp. 49-54

4) Defining Feminism Women Strike for Peace. 1961-67, pp.61-71

5) Politics at the Grassroots Organizing NYC’s Anti-War movement for Change, 1966-70, pp.75-83

6) Running a Political Campaign Bella Abzug’s first two Congressional campaigns. 1970-72, pp.86-108

7) Wielding Power A Force for Change in the US Congress. 1970-76, pp.112-133 and 150-166

8) Building a Movement the National Women’s Conference in Houston. 1977, pp. 196-214

9) A Hard Lesson in Power Jimmy Carter’s National Advisory Committee for Women. 1978-79, pp. 214-228

10) Loss, resilience, and moving on Bella Abzug’s runs for Senator, Mayor, Congress. 1976-1986, pp.169-193

11) Going Global Bella Abzug as an International Activist. 1990-98, pp.263-279

12) Remembering Bella Abzug A Life in Activism and Leadership. 1998, pp.ix-x and pp.282-84