Listening Tour: Washington State University Women's Resource Center

Yesterday, NCRW President Áine Duggan had the opportunity to visit the Washington State University Women’s Resource Center as part of NCRW’s “Listening Tour,” which began in November 2012 to deepen the organization’s understanding of the experiences and needs of its members and partners, as well as the multi-faceted issues facing organizations and individuals focused on advancing gender rights and equity.  The University of Idaho also attended the meeting and is currently collaborating with the Center. 

The Center received NCRW's 2013 Member Center Award for Diversity and Inclusion during our "Making a Difference for Women Awards" Afternoon Forum in New York City on March 5th.  For the benefit of the campus community who missed out on the celebrations, Áine represented the award to Turea Erwin, Director, during a lunch ceremony celebrating the Center’s 40th anniversary. 

Thank you to Turea and her team for being such wonderful hosts.  Aside from quality time with our Member Center, this trip was a welcome opportunity to see hayfields and stars, which tend to be fairly uncommon in the downtown NYC area where NCRW’s office is located.

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