Former NCRW Intern Joins the Blogosphere

It's always a proud moment to find out where NCRW's former interns have landed after their time with us has ended. It was with great excitement, therefore, that I read this post on THE LINE Campaign this morning:

I’m Lauren Ross, a new blogger and intern for THE LINE Campaign!...I’m an outspoken queer, sex-positive fierce lady, feminist on a mission. I’ve interned at The National Council for Research on Women, worked in a female owned sex shop, researched and written on queer pornography, and worked as part of my campus’ V-Day Campaign...So, where is my line? Making sure my beliefs aren’t compromised. Whether these be the ideals of feminism, queerness, consent, body acceptance or sex positivity, these all have to be upheld.

Lauren was one of our fabulous interns this summer.  Welcome to the blogosphere, Lauren!  Can't wait to hear what you have to say on THE LINE Campaign.

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