Highlights of 2008 on The Real Deal

January 2, 2009 posted by Kyla Bender-Baird The Real Deal blog at NCRW has only been live for three months. However, the posts people have shared have been so rich we thought we’d take a moment to highlight 2008 at The Real Deal for those coming to us for the first time.  During the election, we highlighted voices from Idaho, Michigan, and Ohion in our Views from the Swing States forum. To ensure that issues that matter most to women are addressed in the Obama administration, we sent messages to the newly announced transition team, treasury secretary, and secretary of state.  Among these messages included calls for an Office on Maternal Health, a Presidential Commission on Women and Democracy, and a Federal Department of Women’s AffairsJackie Zehner asked for truth and honesty in the next administration leaders such as Abigail Disney  urged the U.S. to turn “paper victories” of progressive UN resolutions into “meaningful improvements in the life conditions of women around the world.” As young voters played such an implemental role in the 2008 election, we turned to the next generation of young women leaders and asked for their input on women, leadership, and politics.  Their fresh voices included a vision of leadership as occasionally sarcastic but always authentic.   In our Violence Against Women forum, we examined wartime rape, and how to stop violence against women here and here. So far, 2008 has been rich and exciting for NCRW’s The Real Deal!  We can’t wait to see what 2009 has in store for us!  Check back with us early next week for our New Year’s Resolutions for the Nation.

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