Women, Poverty and Homelessness

If you have not already, we recommend reading and sharing "Invisible Child," an excellent series by the New York Times’ Andrea Elliot. Chronicling the daily struggles and hopes of a young homeless girl and her family in New York City, this series puts a face to the statistics we hear and read about and brings them to life.

In "No Place Like Home,"the Center for American Progress' Tracey Ross points out that “Homelessness occurs for a variety of reasons, but it is clear that poverty, coupled with an ongoing affordable housing crisis, is a significant factor.”  With more than one in seven women living in poverty (National Women’s Law Center) and a growing gender poverty gap (Institute for Women’s Policy Research), addressing those root causes of homelessness is vital to the economic well-being of women.

The following are great resources for information about poverty and homelessness:


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