Directory Series

Opportunities for Research and Study (1997-99)

A descriptive list of the fellowships, affiliated scholar programs, grants, and internships sponsored by Council member centers. Includes sources of information on financial aid. A resource for graduate students, academic advisors, scholars, independent researchers, women's centers, and research institutes.
26 pages (photocopy) $10 ISBN 1-880547-25-2
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International Centers for Research on Women (1997)

Lists 268 research and documentation centers in 74 countries around the world, including the National Council for Research on Women's US member centers. Click here to view centers on the web.
40 pages (photocopy) $12

A Directory of Women's Guide to Federal Funding Opportunities (1997)

A directory of more than 125 federal funding programs earmarked for women's and girls' programs and research projects. Grants are open to university and community-based programs and collaborative initiatives. Each listing includes contact information and detailed descriptions of each grant's objective.
70 pages $12 ISBN 1-880547-23-6

A Directory of Women's Media, 17th Edition (1994)

Listings for more than 1600 print and electronic media, publishers, bookstores, libraries, distributors, and other media resources by, for, and about women.
205 pages $30 ISBN 1-880547-17-1 Sale Price: $20
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Women of Color and the Multicultural Curriculum: Transforming the College Classroom

An overview of 13 curriculum trans- formation projects on mainstreaming minority women's studies, focusing on faculty development and pedagogy, with an interdisciplinary guide to teaching about Puerto Rican women.
(New York: Feminist Press, 1994). 400 pages. Paperback: $22 ISBN 1-55861-083-9

Sexual Harassment: Research and Resources, 3d Edition

The expanded report of NCRW's Sexual Harassment Information Project builds on editions published after the Senate Judiciary Hearings on Clarence Thomas in 1991 and updated the following year. This edition summarizes the wealth of research and resources on sexual harassment, including current legal and scholarly interpretations, the extent of the problem, patterns of behavior of the harassed, myths about harassers, antiharassment policies and procedures, and efforts needed to bring about significant change.
90 pages (1995) $12; ISBN 1-889547-20-1