Ensuring Equal Opportunity in Our Nation's Economic Recovery Efforts

When it comes to ensuring that the economic stimulus and recovery process promotes equal opportunity for all communities, the law is excellent, but it is almost entirely up to us to uphold and enforce that law.

This fact sheet provides informtation and ideas for ensuring that federal investments in America's economic recovery create gender and more equal opportunity for all. Specifically, it describes the ways in which existing laws require equal opportunity in jobs, housing, healthcare, transportation, and other sectors, and offers specific ideas for holding public and private officials accountable.

This fact sheet is not intended to be legal advice, for which readers should consult an attorney. Rather, it is intended to share information about public policy, and to stimulate action. Federal laws protect equal opportunity and prohibit discrimination in virtually all of public and private efforts supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), also known as the "Recovery Act." And the President has directed that agencies distributing those funds take proactive efforts to enforce them.

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