THE GIRLS REPORT: What We Know & Need to Know About Growing Up Female

"Seven years ago the National Council for Research on Women and its member centers issued major reports on the status of girls in society, in schools, and in youth organizations in the United States. Since then, university researchers and popular writers have focussed attention on girls. The Girls Report is a fresh and timely look at every aspect of life for girls as we look toward the new millenium.

"If the reports in the early 1990s struck a chord of concern and a call to action, the tone of this report is optimism and activism. As we say at Girls Incorporated, girls are strong, smart and bold unless society puts barriers in their way. Lynn Phillips and the National Council staff have captured the strength, the energy, and the possibilities of girls on their way to becoming young women, while calling on the rest of us to be vigilant in supporting girls' high hopes and expectations for their own achievement."

--Isabel Carter Stewart,
National Executive Director,
Girls Incorporated

"The Girls Report will delight, depress, and most profoundly inform readers about the state of girls' lives in the United States at the end of the twentieth century. With a startling breadth of coverage and depth of analysis, the report reviews an enormous compilation of current statistics on health, social science studies on sports, sexuality and education, and feminist policy analyses. The Girls Report is a must read for policymakers, educators, community organizers, girls' advocates, youth workers, foundation officers, and, of course, girls.

"In this call for action, the National Council for Research on Women invites the public and private sectors to take seriously the needs and desires of girls and young women. How to create healthy--that is, smart, engaged, athletic, activist, and leaderful--girls is not mystery. The costs of ignoring these needs--that is, willfully denying healthy development to some or all girls--is enormous. The report answers one question but raises another: if we know how to support the healthy development of girls and young women, where will we find the public will to assure that all girls have the opportunities, supports, and encouragement to stretch toward health? The report doubles as an encyclopedia of U.S. girls and a conscience call to the nation."

--Michelle Fine,
Professor of Psychology,
CUNY Graduate Center




Executive Summary


Chapter 1: Framing Gender, Identity, and Adolescence

Chapter 2: Health

Chapter 3: Sexuality

Chapter 4: Violence

Chapter 5: Schooling

Chapter 6: Economic Realities



Bibliography of Works Cited

What Do Adolescents Need for Health Development?

Looking Ahead: Developing a New Research Agenda

Resource Guide

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