Directory of International Centers for Research on Women and Girls


During the past nine years, NCRW has compiled a List of International Centers for Research on Women that includes over 300 centers in more than 80 countries.

Because of the growing number and influence of such centers, and because many international organizations--the United Nations as well as a variety of nongovernmental organizations--are interested in collaborative research and programs, NCRW is developing an expanded and indexed international directory of centers that sponsor research on women, which will be published both in print and on our website. The indexed directory will contain extensive information about each center, including a keyword index of its main goals and principal activities--including projects, publications, databases, conferences, and fellowships; the names and titles of the principal officers, researchers, and staff; and relevant contact information, such as e-mail addresses and websites.

Since updating and expanding our material is an ongoing process, we ask for your help. In order to develop this indexed and expanded Directory, we have sent the following questionnaire to all of the centers and organizations currently on our list. If you are involved with a center that conducts research on women and is not listed in our current directory, we hope you will fill out the questionnaire and send it to us. If you are aware of other centers--divisions within universities, nongovernmental organizations, or free-standing research and policy institutes--that focus on women and girls, we hope you will pass the questionnaire along. You may return it to us by mail, fax (212/785-7350), or e-mail (

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