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Women in Academe: Progress and Prospects

Based on a four-year study by a taskforce of 15 leading scholars and educators, the report examines women's progress in higher education over the last two decades. Providing a comprehensive overview of the status and prospects of women as students, faculty members, and administrators, the book traces the increasing presence of minority andreentry women students and the movement of women into non-traditional careers; the growth and institutionalization of women's studies programs, campus women's centers, and research institutes; the role of women's colleges; and the effects of legislation prohibiting sex discrimination in education. Edited by Mariam K. Chamberlain. New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1988.
415 pages.

Prices: Hardcover: $29.95 (available from the Russell Sage Foundation, 212/750-6037). ISBN 0-87154-204-8.
Paperback: $18 (available from the Council). ISBN 0-87154-218-8.