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Each issue of IQ focuses on topics of concern to women and girls. Through interviews with experts, IQ provides a succinct overview of the latest research, policy, and activism. Past issues have reported on teen-on-teen sexual harassment, funding for women and girls, immigration, affirmative action, and follow-up to the UN Fourth World Conference on Women at Beijing.

Who Benefits, Who Decides? An Agenda for Improving Philanthropy: The Case for Women and Girls

The report documents what is known about funding for women and girls-or the lack of it. Topics include perceptions of social change, discussion of the roles of research in philanthropy, issues affecting women's organizations, models of successful funding, and suggestions for expanding potential sources of support.
74 pages (1995) $12; ISBN 1-880-547-16-3
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Women's Research Network News (WRNN)

The Council's newsletter reports on the work of women's research and policy organizations, including Council member centers, funders, and other national and international organizations. WRNN also lists upcoming events, funding and research opportunities, positions available, calls for papers, new publications, and electronic resources for and about women. WRNN keeps scholars throughout the country up to date.
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Sexual Harassment: Research and Resources, 3rd Edition

The expanded report of NCRW's Sexual Harassment Information Project summarizes the wealth of research and resources on sexual harassment, including current legal and scholarly interpretations, patterns of behavior of the harassed, myths about harassers, antiharassment policies and procedures, and efforts needed to bring about significant change. Click here to order a copy.
90 pages (1995) $12; ISBN 1-889547-20-1