Advancing Women's Leadership

Women currently make up 15 percent of corporate management, 16 percent of law partners, and less than 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. NCRW and its partners are working to improve these numbers as they work toward a critical mass, often viewed as 30 percent representation, across sectors to benefit the economy and society through women’s talents and perspectives. Without sufficient numbers, women’s ideas, views and analyses risk being marginalized or perceived as representing a narrow minority. With greater access to opportunities and positions of influence, the likelihood of acceptance and professional success for women and people of color increases.

Program on the Status of Education and Women (PSEW)

For nearly four decades, PSEW has provided support to women faculty, administrators, and students in higher education through its programs and publications. PSEW's current priorities include improving curricula and campus climates, promoting women's leadership, and disseminating new research on women and gender. Many PSEW networks, publications, and resources are available to anyone interested in the status of women in higher education, regardless of AAC&U membership status.


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Caryn McTighe Musil, Project Director
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Campus Women Lead 

Campus Women Lead (CWL) is an alliance promoting a multicultural women-led agenda for the sustained transformation of higher education for the twenty-first century. An affiliate of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, CWL advances women’s inclusive leadership for excellence through workshops, publications, and a community listserv. CWL includes leaders across all campus levels and divisions, within research centers, and from non-governmental organizations.


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Women's Leadership Project for Inclusive Excellence Workshops

Led by talented facilitators who are attentive to the needs of host institutions, these workshops encourage participants to analyze and recognize the interconnectedness of self, others, and institutional structures as an essential component of building and sustaining multicultural alliances. The workshops also guide participants as they identify the cultural resources that are integral to effective leadership and develop innovative strategies for building inclusive institutions.

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