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Women have long used artistic expression as a method of liberation and feminist activism. From Renaissance painters and poets to today’s critics, actors, playwrights, musicians and filmmakers, art provides an important outlet for women’s creativity and resistance to the status quo. Women are present in growing numbers across genres of music, literature, and visual and performing arts, and they are breaking new ground at all levels of production, performance and industry management. Arts institutions, museums and galleries are displaying feminist work and promoting more female artists. Feminist organizations such as Guerrilla Girls are spurring collectors, curators, historians and institutions to recognize women artists and provide equal access and opportunities for success.

Salander/Blomqvist: Challenging Stereotypes

The Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art of the Brooklyn Museum and Have Art: Will Travel! Inc. invite you to a panel on October 22, 2011; 2-4:00 PM; at the Brooklyn Museum that will explore the main characters in The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Moderator Linda Stein; Speakers: Jimmie Briggs, Michael Kimmel, and Shelby Knox.


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Center News

Award Winning Theater: A Conversation with with Lynn Nottage and Adam Bock


Brown University alumnae/i continue to take the theater world by storm, capturing some of theater's most prestigious prizes. No issue – from race to gender roles to religion – is off-limits. How do they do it?

Lynn Nottage, recipient of the 2007 MacArthur Genius Grant and 2009 Pulitzer Prize, whose plays include Ruined, Intimate Apparel, and Crumbs from the Table of Joy and OBIE winner Adam Bock, author of the plays The Receptionist, The Thugs, and A Small Fire among others, join us for a no holds barred conversation about how they write to inspire, provoke, and engage theater audiences around the world. Moderated by Eng-Beng Lim, Assistant Professor of Theatre arts and Performance Studies, Brown University.

Saturday, May 28, 2011, 11 a.m.

List Auditorium, Brown Universitiy, 64 College Street, Providence, RI

Denim Day & the Right to be Sexy—Because There’s Never an Excuse for Rape!

By Kyla Bender-Baird

Today is Denim Day. I’m wearing jeans to work in support of sexual assault survivors and to raise awareness about sexual assault misconceptions. Denim day has been around since the late 1990s when the Italian Supreme Court overturned a sexual assault conviction because the survivor wore tight jeans when she was raped. In protest, women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans to work. (read more about denim day’s history here)

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Inked: An Interview with Alison Bechdel

As part of its Transforming Lives Documentary Film Project, the Institute for Women's Leadership at Rutgers University features the following interview with comic artist Alison Bechdel (see Dykes to Watch Out For).  Mimi Zander -- a Rutgers University senior, IWL Leadership Scholar and awarding-winning filmmaker -- is the lucky duck who interviewed Bechdel.  In the interview, Bechdel discusses how internalized misogyny at the beginning of her drawing career prevented her from drawing women.  She could only draw women if she thought of them as lesbians. Of course, this all passed.  But it's always interesting to hear about an artists' process and journey. 

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The OpEd Project Webinar



Join us on Wednesday, April 27th at 2 PM EST, for a webinar presented by
The OpEd Project Founder and Director, Kate Orenstein.


What is the bigger picture, and how do you and your ideas fit into it? Your ability to see the bigger picture is what will make it accessible to you – and sometimes what will make it exist at all (a definition of thought leadership).

New Media and Political Change in Egypt: Causes, Implications and Communication Strategies


The Middle East Program of the Woodrow Wilson Center

New Media and Political Change in Egypt:
Causes, Implications and Communication Strategies

with Sahar Mohamed Khamis
Assistant Professor of Communication and Affiliate Professor of Women's Studies,
University of Maryland


Khamis will discuss the causes behind the Egyptian revolution and its multiple national, regional, and international implications, with a special focus on the role of new media and innovative communication strategies within it.

Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Location: 4th Floor Conference Room, Woodrow Wilson Center

FEMINISTING ON TOUR: Offline and Unfiltered


An Open Discussion: Let's Talk About the "F" Word

 A Panel Featuring Three Feministing Editors and Babson student Lexi Toorok

Showcasing the New Voice of Feminism - Be inspired and challenged by the voices of this generation who are making their marks and taking their places at the table. This lively thought - provoking conversation will highlight the efforts underway to effect change for women at grassroots, national and global levels.

Samhita Mukhopadhyay is the Executive Editor of

Miriam Zoila Pérez is a blogger, activist and Radical Doula

Vanessa Valenti, a co-founder of Feministing and online strategist

Lexi Toorok, Babson College student

An Inventive Tribute to International Women's Day

By Teresa Bagley

Feminism shouldn't be exclusive to scholars, advocates, researchers and policy wonks. Women's issues affect all of us, and this is an excellent way to introduce knowledge to the general public, who, if given the facts, might understand, care and perhaps be moved to action. Kudos to video director, Sam Taylor-Wood, Dame Judi Dench, and the ever appealing Daniel Craig for the direct approach, straight talk, and for using their star power to deliver a meaningful message to the masses.

Originally seen here

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