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Women have long used artistic expression as a method of liberation and feminist activism. From Renaissance painters and poets to today’s critics, actors, playwrights, musicians and filmmakers, art provides an important outlet for women’s creativity and resistance to the status quo. Women are present in growing numbers across genres of music, literature, and visual and performing arts, and they are breaking new ground at all levels of production, performance and industry management. Arts institutions, museums and galleries are displaying feminist work and promoting more female artists. Feminist organizations such as Guerrilla Girls are spurring collectors, curators, historians and institutions to recognize women artists and provide equal access and opportunities for success.

SPARK Summit--Sexualization Protest: Action, Resistance, Knowledge

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Challenging the Sexualization of Girls
Hunter College, NYC

What is SPARK?

Who's Your Feminist Pop Culture Icon?
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Lucinda Marshall is the Director of the Feminist Peace Network (FPN) which she founded in December, 2001 as a virtual ‘room of our own’ where women concerned about how the impending U.S. invasion of Afghanistan (and later Iraq) would impact women’s lives could share their thoughts and ideas for action in a safe, supportive space. While initially focusing on militarism, the network, with participants from around the world, has expanded its vision to also address what Marshall calls the other terrorism, the systemic global pandemic of violence against women.


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Mother's Day Videos--They're all the Rage!

In preparation for the upcoming holiday--Mum's Day--many women's organizations have produced videos to celebrate the diverse voices and stories of mommies.  Check these out!

Tell Your Story with the Women's Media Center:

What did your mother teach you about reprodutive health? (from the Center for Reproductive Rights):


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That Moment Of Creating: Women Artists Report

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Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Location: Lecture Hall, Epstein Building

Contact: Rosa Di Virgilio Taormina, 781-736-8111,

Miami's Operation Jungle Red II: Raising awareness of violence against women

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Women's Studies Program


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