Women's, Gender & Feminist Studies

In 1970, the field of women’s, gender and feminist studies was launched and was able to thrive in the ensuing years. NCRW was established in 1982 to create a supportive network for the burgeoning women’s research movement. Today, there are more than 900 women’s studies programs in the US with more than 10,000 courses offered on college campuses. Much of the curriculum is interdisciplinary and, in many instances, mainstreamed across subject areas. From the social sciences to liberal arts, fine arts and the sciences, feminist theory and framing (especially the intersection of race, gender and class) is having an important impact across disciplines in academia and beyond.

IRWaG Wins Prestigious Award

April 29, 2010

I am proud to announce that the Institute for Research on Women and Gender (IRWaG) has received the Emerging Center Award from the National Council for Research on Women (NCRW). The National Council for Research on Women (http://www.regender.org <http://www.regender.org/> ) is a network of 120 leading research, policy and advocacy centers. NCRW's Emerging Center Award is given annually to a new center or one that has experienced significant change in mission or growth within the last five years. IRWaG will receive the award at the NCRW Annual Conference, June 11-12, in New York City.

Indoor Air May be Hazardous to Women's Health

Vacuuming the carpet, making the bed, cooking dinner, or using room freshener may be hazardous to women’s health. These activities all release potentially harmful allergens and pollutants. However household air pollution is not regulated, putting respiratory health at risk.

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Webinar--If it feels good, do it...right?

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Time: 12:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Presented by Amy Banks, M.D.; learn more.

Seven Secrets of the Savvy School Leader: A Conversation with Robert Evans

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Wellesley College Club, Wellesley, MA--Organized by Open Circle and Courage & Renewal Northeast; learn more

Webinar--When love goes wrong: Understanding the devastating impact of interpersonal violence

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Time: 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Presented by Amy Banks, M.D.; learn more.

Speaking from Experience: The Power of the Consciousness-Raising Group

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Speaker: Janet Freedman

Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Location:  Lecture Hall, Epstein Building

Contact: Rosa Di Virgilio Taormina, 781-736-8111, taormina@brandeis.edu

Women of ALPFA's 4th Annual Latina Summit

05/20/2010 - 05/21/2010

Latinas Empowered by Women in Power: A Rise of a New Generation of Leadership in America

Sponsored by Women of ALPFA, Sanchez & Santiago, The Center for Women and Enterprise in collaboration with Babson's Center for Women's Leadership.

Women for Hire: Boston Career Expo


Location: Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA, 02115

Click here for more information.

CEDAW: Time to Get the US on Board

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Come and learn why US ratification of CEDAW matters to women in this country and around the world and what you can do to help make it a reality. The women of the world are watching to see if we will join with them or stay in the company of the handful of other countries (Sudan, Somalia, Iran and a few smaller nations) who have not joined in this international cooperative effort for women's equality.

Spring Promotion Social

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Come celebrate the promotion and tenure of women faculty members!

Location: Caine House

Contact: Wendy Holliday (435) 797-0731


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