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Not My Tax Dollars: Hyde, Health Care, and Your Money

January 19, 2010 posted by admin

From the Center for Reproductive Rights:

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Seven Days to Preserve the Internet

January 7, 2010 posted by admin

The Women's Media Center has an exclusive from Mary Alice Crim of Free Press on a campaign for net neutrality. Check out what she has to say about women's rights, utilizing the internet, and the FCC:

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News Coverage of the Veil and the Muslim Women's Movement

December 16, 2009 posted by admin

The Christian Science Monitor featured several articles this week on the veil and the Muslim Women's Movement. They're well worth the read! From "Behind the veil: Why Islam's most visible symbol is spreading:"

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United States
43° 36' 45.4716" N, 116° 12' 39.8736" W

Dr. Lisa McClain is an Associate Professor of History and the Director of Gender Studies at Boise State University. She researches the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault perpetrated against women with disabilities. She serves as a board member of the Idaho Equal Access Collaborative, a partnership of the Boise State University Gender Studies Program with statewide disability and domestic violence/sexual assault organizations. Through this work, McClain examines and proposes changes to the systems responding to women with disabilities who experience sexual and domestic violence. In history, her fields of specialty include the history of Catholicism, the history of religion during the Renaissance/Reformation era and gender and popular culture in early modern Europe.


Boise, ID
United States
43° 36' 45.4716" N, 116° 12' 39.8736" W

Feminism: Controversies, Challenges, Actions

BCRW's rebuttal to claims that the Feminist Movement is losing momentum. In this film, Rebecca Haimowitz interviews some of the most exciting voices in feminist scholarship and activism.

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Women and Work: Feminists in Solidarity with Domestic Workers

Documentary featuring women leaders from across the United States who are raising their voices in support of efforts geared towards doemstic workers in the United States. Participants include: Carol Jenkins, Maria Hinojosa, Liz Azbug, Nicole Mason, Amy Richards, Barbara Smith, Gloria Steinem, Yolanda Wu, Jennifer Baumgardner, and the Guerrilla Girls.

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Leaders Must Recruit leaders

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Globe editorial


From Saturday's Globe and Mail, 


It's hard not to feel wistful in 2010 when recalling the excitement of the early 1970s, when feminism was becoming mainstream, women were demanding greater equality, and many young people believed they were building a new world without the limits that had constrained many of their mothers and grandmothers.

IN THE NEWS: Women's Roles in a Changing Economy

Posted November 13, 2009 by Vivienne Heston-Demirel

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Women's Studies Program

The Women's Studies Program at Miami University is a dynamic, interdisciplinary program that investigates how our lives are affected by gender, race, class, age, sexuality, religion, (dis)ability, gender identity, and nationality. Women's Studies emphasizes the importance of understanding gender as a part of wider social and political structures of power, knowledge, experience, culture, embodiedness, intimacies, and labor. Women's Studies courses are organized around contemporary feminist research and theory, and focus intersectionally on women, gender, and sexuality as subjects of inquiry. Our coursework also focuses on how theory and practice come together. Students may choose from courses spanning departments, disciplines, divisions and ideologies. The Women's Studies program provides a context in which women's work and women's issues are explored in-depth, celebrating women's creativity, women's lives, and women's work.


501 East High Street
Oxford, OH 45056
Ph. (513) 529-5333
Fx. (513) 529-1890


Principal Staff

Dr. Madelyn Detloff, Director
Ph. (513) 529-4616
E-mail: detlofmm@muohio.edu

Ann Fuehrer, Assistant Director & Chief Program Advisor
Ph. (513) 529-6827
Email: fuehrea@muohio.edu


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Opportunities, Grants & Fellowships

Las Mujeres Director Award
This individual will provide leadership on Chicana issues and research initiatives and work in conjunction with the Miami Latin American, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies Program and the Miami University Latino Community Coordinator to provide crucial diversity leadership within the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program.
Nellie Craig Women's Studies Research Scholar
This award is named for Miami University 1905 graduate Nellie Craig, the first African-American student at the university. The scholar who holds this position will conduct new research in African-American women's history and advise the Women's Studies Program regarding research directions and new programming.
Miami Tribe Women's Studies Coordinator
The scholar who holds this award will conduct new research on American Indian women and women in the Miami tribe. The Miami Tribe Women's Studies Coordinator will work closely with the staff of the Myaamia Project, based in Oxford, Ohio, and also travel to Miami tribal locations in Indiana and Oklahoma to meet with women tribal leaders.

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