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Historic Meeting of Survivor-Activists on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

On March 11-12, 2010, the Ms. Foundation for Women had the honor of convening an inspiring meeting on survivor-led activism on child sexual abuse prevention. In what was one of the first times survivors have been brought together to discuss child sexual abuse prevention in a social justice context, twelve activists discussed successes, challenges, and historic moments in their field. They established exciting shared visions and first steps for realizing them in this growing social justice movement.

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WeLEAD: Professional Development


WeLEAD Professional Development Training Session.

Location: Ward Circle 103

For more information on the event please contact Ava Lubell (202) 885-6273.


WeLead Photo Session



Location: Ward Circle 105

For more information on the event please contact Ava Lubell (202) 885-6273



Uncommon Height Awards Gala


The Uncommon Height Gala is always celebrated in honor of Dr. Dorothy Height's birthday. This year she celebrates 98 years.

Location: The Hilton Washington Hotel, 1919 Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington, DC

*Ticket cost is $250.00.

Gala proceeds strengthen NCNW's capacity to meet critical needs in the empowerment of women and their families.



Today is Expose Fake Clinics Day of Action!

Don't be fooled by so-called crisis pregnancy centers this April Fool's Day! Head on over to the Feminist Majority Foundation's Choices Campus Leadership Program and download their Fake Clinics Toolkit.

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Sex, Sports and Ethics Roundtable

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Panelists include: Ara Wilson (Associate Professor in Women's Studies and Director of the program in the study of sexualities), Robyn Wiegman (Professor, Women's Studies and Literature), and Doriane Coleman (Duke Law School).

Location: Breedlove Room
Sponsored by the Kenan Institute and the Program in the Study of Sexualities.
*Refreshments will be served.

The Women’s Media Center features The International Museum of Women

This is what the NCRW network is all about. Today, the Women’s Media Center featured an exclusive on the innovative approach of The International Museum of Women. NCRW is proud to call both these organizations member centers. Take a moment today to learn about their amazing work.

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Know Your History: Jeannette Rankin

By Kyla Bender-Baird

As most of you know, March is Women’s History Month--a month dedicated to remembering all those amazing female figures too often left out of history textbooks. Do you know who your foremothers are? One of NCRW’s member centers, the Women’s Media Center, has been featuring exclusives on notable women all month. This week’s feature on Jeannette Rankin brought me back to high school and my early days of feminist awakenings.

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