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The Madame Curie Complex

Historian Julie Des Jardins talks about her upcoming book, The Madame Curie Complex. In this book, she discusses the hidden history of women in science.

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International Women’s Day – beyond celebration, a day of advocacy

Originally posted by Ruth Schechter on 03/07/10 on Gender News from the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University

 After decades of marches, boycotts, lobbying and rallies, did the protests of the past 40 years really make a difference? Do protests still work? Can women still advocate change through social activism?

Timing is Key in Successful Social Movements

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Women’s Suffrage, Political Responsiveness and Child Survival in American History

Women’s choices appear to emphasize child welfare more than those of men. This paper presents new evidence on how suffrage rights for American women helped children to benefit from the scientific breakthroughs of the bacteriological revolution.


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Gloria Jacobs is Executive Director of the Feminist Press, a non-profit publisher affiliated with the City University of New York. The Press has been publishing books by and for women around the globe for 36 years, and also publishes WSQ, the Women’s Studies Quarterly. A journalist, author and feminist activist, Ms. Jacobs was for many years the Executive Editor of Ms. magazine. She is the co-author, with Barbara Ehrenreich and Elizabeth Hess, of Re-making Love: The Feminization of Sex, which analyzed the convergence of the women’s movement and the sexual revolution. Her articles have appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The Guardian (UK), Mother Jones, Working Mother, and New York Woman. Working as a consultant for the United Nations, she edited and wrote several major reports on the status of women around the world.


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Red Networks: Women Writers and the Blacklist in Television


Carole Stabile, Director, Center for the Study of Women in Society; Professor, English and School of Journalism and Communication, will talk about the blacklisting of women television writers during the anti-communist crusade at this CSWS “Road Scholars” presentation.

Women of the Oklahoma Legislature oral history project


"Passing the Torch"

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Location: School of Social Work, Educational Conference Center 1080 S. University Avenue

Presentation "Chicana por mi Raza: Uncovering the Hidden History of Chicana Feminism"

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Location: CEW, 330 E. Liberty Street


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