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Facts on Women Officeholders, Candidates and Voters

 CAWP offers fact sheets, graphics, research reports, and other information organized both by topic and by level of office. Additional research can be found in our Research & Scholarship section. Includes current numbers of women in elective office, data and analysis for current and past races with women candidates, by election year, data and analysis of women's voting behavior, facts, research, and resources for and about women of color in elective office, state-by-state fact sheets, firsts for women in U.S. politics, etc.


The Female Vision: Women's Real Power at Work

At an NCRW expert panel on September 29, 2010 at American Express, authors Sally Helgesen and Julie Johnson provided compelling evidence for the view that companies with both women and men in strategic leadership positions have a competitive advantage over companies that do not. The particular strengths of women - their broad-spectrum vision, empathy
and interpersonal skills, and their value-based, collaborative style - are increasingly recognized, but still under-valued in assessing leadership potential.

Building a Pipeline to Women's Leadership

NCRW held an expert panel on February 28, 2011 at American Express with senior leaders from business, government, and academia to explore the case for, barriers to, and action steps needed to expand the number of women in leadership positions. While many overt barriers to women’s advancement have been largely dismantled, and the pipeline to leadership is filled with highly qualified women, the embedded prejudices in our institutions and culture as well as the expectations women have for their professional and personal lives, especially younger women, still pose challenges.

Having It All But Remaining True to Oneself

By Linda Basch, PhD*
This morning, I had the opportunity to hear Véronique Morali, President of the Global Women’s Forum at Deauville, lead an inspiring conversation on leadership with Credit Suisse’s Americas Women’s Network.

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Women 2012: Taking a Worldwide Reading

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What is the status of women and girls worldwide in 2012? Join us as we explore the gains and gaps, and their implications for forward action, with national and international experts, including the authors of some of the most important recent reports -- from the World Bank, the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Project and the White House.

Christine Cumming, First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Linda Basch, PhD, President, National Council for Research on Women

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