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Wealth to Health: How it’s All Connected

By Rylee Sommers-Flanagan*

Earlier this week, my fellow intern, Courtney Fiske, reported on the findings released last month by the Institute on Assets and Social Policy at Brandeis University, which revealed a widening racial wealth gap between whites and blacks in the United States.

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New York Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Takes One Giant Step Forward

This week, New York moved one step closer to becoming the first state to enact a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Here's what the Ms. Foundation has to say about it:

The bill, which would guarantee domestic workers basic workplace rights like paid vacation and sick days, overtime pay, and at least one day off per week, was passed by the New York State Senate by a vote of 33-28. Though the legislation still has to be reconciled with an earlier version that was passed by the Assembly last year, and then signed into law by Governor Paterson, yesterday's vote in the bill's favor was a historic achievement, setting the stage for the passage of similar bills in states like California and Colorado.

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Happy Pride Month!

By Kyla Bender-Baird

Every year, LGBT folk around the world come together to celebrate their queerness for Pride month--June.  Along with the parties, festivals, parades, and even an occasional social justice march, Pride offers our community an opportunity to reevaluate where we are headed as movement (or even question whether there is one movement or several).  Late last week, President Obama issued his annual Proclamation for LGBT Pride month.  In it he says,

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Microphones for Justice: Mother’s Day Delegation Tackles Anti-Immigration Legislation

By Sarah Gold*

A Mother’s Day Delegation of feminists and labor activists from around the country convened in Arizona a few weeks ago to document the impact of the recently-passed SB 1070 legislation and existing policies, such as 287(g) on women and children. In a climate already steeped with anti-immigrant sentiment, these pieces of legislation authorize violence against women and children, ruthlessly separating family members and criminalizing mothers who came to the United States simply to support their children.

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Questioning Success at NCRW's Corporate Leadership Summit

By Jacqueline Mumbey*

Last week, NCRW held a two-day corporate leadership summit (April 27-28) at Time Warner. It was an inspiring series of roundtables and explorations of the challenges and opportunities for retaining and advancing women of color in the corporate sector.

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“What?! Women still don’t get paid the same amount as men?!”

By Alicia Fiorino*

When I arrived at Baruch College for the Equal Pay Coalition’s Annual Forum, “The Time is Now: Forging a Stronger Economic Future for Women,” I asked an older security guard for directions to the event. He kindly gave me directions then asked, “What’s the forum all about?” I gladly responded, “Equal pay for women.” Shocked by my response, he said, “What?! Women still don’t get paid the same amount as men?!”

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Expanding the Fair Housing Act

March 15, 2010 posted by admin

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Ms. Foundation Promotes Reproductive Justice

January 28, 2010 posted by Kyla Bender-Baird

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